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The Melissa Cescon Group operates in three of the largest real estate boards in Canada, focusing our expertise on the Oakville/Milton, Burlington/Hamilton and GTA markets. We provide our clients with a personalized, full service approach to selling their home. As a ‘boutique style’ team, we pride ourselves on our ability to build relationships and ensure that our focus is on:

core values    ·    classic service     ·    client appreciation


Explore cutting edge technology to make sure your listing isn’t missed. We use integrated technology to advertise your home across over 50 top real estate websites. This means more views, more agents, and more buyers – and a tremendous advantage over other agents who have not invested time and resources  to more technology.

Did you know that your neighbors are a great source of advertising and promotion for your home? If you’re interested, we can help host a ‘Neighbors Welcome’ open house, which can help you engage potential buyers in your community who otherwise might be too shy to visit. Giving you options to creatively market your home is a standard part of the Melissa Cescon team experience.


Don’t gamble with the most important asset you own. We do extensive research into homes that have recently sold on your street and in your neighborhood in order to price your property fairly. We also investigate and analyze market trends and global factors that could affect price. The fact is, The wrong price will greatly reduce the number of prospective buyers and your chance of a sale. We’re experienced, and we’re honest – and that can be the difference between selling your home at the price it deserves or not selling it at all. Selling a home is a big milestone, and our team is committed to being there every step of the way. The quality that we deliver and the support that we provide doesn’t stop with the final sale – we care, and it shows in the long-lasting relationships we’ve built with our clients.


Exploit the growing marketing potential of Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. With your consent, we will promote and boost your listing and create short, captivating videos over social media, tapping into an emerging market of technologically  - engaged homebuyers. If you’d prefer to opt-out of  social media, we fully respect your choice – we’re confident that we have the talent and expertise to market and expose your home to the right buyers in a multitude of other ways.


Showcase your home with the help of our professional photography and videography team! Exceptional HDR photos, high quality HD video, and even 3D video is all part of our commitment to quality. Our team members always attend these photography sessions to ensure that the images meet our highest standards. We’ve spent years in a highly competitive marketplace and know that first impressions sell homes, which is why we also insist on floor plans and 360 degree visuals when necessary. Finally, take advantage of the De-cluttering and Staging Consultations that we offer for FREE. Our years of expertise and discriminating eye go a long way in getting your home ‘market ready’, well before the FOR SALE sign is on your lawn.


You don’t have to sacrifice selling power to enjoy our exceptional customer service. We're a "boutique-style" team that’s BIG on sales, and BIG on negotiating, and BIG on YOU! The boutique nature of our team allows us to build relationships and be responsive to our clients in a way that larger teams can’t be, but our year-over-year sales with returning clients proves that we can be very competitive on a national scale, without compromising on service and results.

The Melissa Cescon team is dedicated to delivering more. What other agents do to go ‘above and beyond’ is simply our standard. We’re known for our ability to deliver unparalleled quality that works.


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